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Talk to the Sushi Guide Chat Bot

Do you need help to figure out what you are actually ordering while browsing the menu at a sushi bar? Worry no more since the Sushi Guide Chat Bot is here to rescue your from your troubles. By utilising the Facebook chat bot technology, we can offer this functionality in Facebook Messenger to allow you to interact with the Sushi Guide knowledge in realtime even when you are not on our website. chatbot

Whenever you need assistance with anything related to sushi, you can ask the chat bot to help you out. For instance, it could translate Japanese sushi terms into plain English and provide additional information about the dish, the kind of fish etc.

The knowledge of the chat bot will be improved over time, largely based on the restaurant reviews and the feedback users provide. In the future the knowledge database might also be open user input to grow the data set more quickly. Still, we want to make sure that the information is accurate and up to date.

The Sushi Guide Chat Bot on Facebook is in closed beta right now. So of you want early access, just contact us so we can add you as a early adopter. We are looking forward to your feedback.