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In the overview map you can see the location of every sushi restaurant ever visited by one of our great Sushi Guide team. It allows you to drill down into the reviews and might even provide inspiration on where to travel next for some culinary delights. Most of the reviews contain a general description of the restaurant, some information about the menu options and a detailed description of the dishes ordered. There are photos of most of the dishes ever ordered, providing a good level of detail on the sushi delicacies.

Both the Japanese and the English term for the fish will be included in the review, hopefully making it easy for you to make better choices at the sushi bar. If you need help with sushi terms, there also is our sushi term glossary. We try to keep it as updated as possible.

For immediate help, you can try our Sushi Guide Chat Bot in Facebook Messenger. It will help you with translating Japanese sushi terms to plain English in real time. In the future we might even extend these functionalities to a mobile application for iOS to serve even more of your needs in the vast world of complex Japanese cuisine. The Sushi Guide team is also working on in-depth editorials about sushi etiquette and menu guidance. 

If you have any suggestions, ideas or comments about our passionate exploration of the sushi universe, please feel free to contact the Sushi Guide team on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or via email. Also you leaves us a comment here directly and you will get a reply as quickly as possible.

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