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Akari – A Hamburg classic since 1997

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Akari Restaurant is located in Hamburg Uhlenhorst and has been a Hamburg classic ever since 1997. It’s a small family operated restaurant with limited seating and no posh elements whatsoever.  I have been there a few times before and since 2017 marks the 20th birthday of the restaurant, I explored the sushi menu in more detail this time. 

The menu offers traditional Japanese dishes with some delicious highlights such as agedashi (baked tofu) or nabeyaki-udon (noodle soup with shrimps and egg). The sushi and sashimi selection is not that extensive but the options available are of very high quality. The sushi chef offers both moriawase and omakase plates, although I recommend to order the specific types of fish right away to avoid disappointment with the rather average selection by the chef.

Sashimi Plate

After a rather average starter nigiri plate containing sake (salmon), hamachi (yellowtail), maguro (tuna) and ebi (shrimp) I ordered an omakase sashimi plate. I would have expected some consideration of the fish I already had, but still I was satisfied with the selection. The sashimi plate came with sake (salmon), maguro (tuna), tako (octopus), hamachi (yellowtail) and aji (mackerel). Although the variety of fish offered is quite limited, the selection was of superior quality. I especially enjoyed the aji (mackerel) which is one of my favorites.

Unfortunately, the restaurant does not offer any toro or chu-toro dishes and unagi is only available if a minimum of 6 pieces of nigiri are ordered. This kind of limits the options unless you are going there in a larger group.

Sushi Guide Verdict

Akari Restaurant provides a cozy and familiar atmosphere with only very limited seats available at the sushi bar. The bar itself allows no view of the fish preparation, which is a little disappointing. All dishes were served in a traditional manner and of very good quality and taste. The drink menu is rather average with a limited sake and Japanese beer selection. The service staff was very friendly and courteous but also guarded at times. All in all it is a very good alternative to other sushi restaurants in Hamburg if one is looking for a change.

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Review date: May 6, 2017

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