tobiuo (flying fish) uramaki (inside out roll)

Fuki Sushi – Amazing Japanese Cuisine in Palo Alto

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Fuki Sushi is an upscale Japanese restaurant in Palo Alto that has been around for decades. It caters to the sushi aficionado with an outstanding menu of specialties and classics. It offers seats at the sushi bar, in tatami rooms and in a regular dining hall. It’s among the best and most authentic sushi restaurants in Silicon Valley. So I …

katsuo (bonito) sashimi

Fuki Sushi – Supreme Japanese Cuisine in Palo Alto, California

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Fuki Sushi is a Japanese restaurant in Palo Alto, California and serves traditional dishes for lunch and dinner. As a sushi restaurant it is among the best in Silicon Valley and a must for any sushi aficionado. It’s authentic atmosphere provides a warm and welcoming setting for small and large groups. Although the restaurant is spacious, the interior setup provides …

suzuki (sea bass), ibodai (butterfish), sake (salmon) sashimi bowl

Samurai Sushi – Ristorante Giapponese Samurai

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Ristorante Giapponese Samurai is an all you can eat sushi restaurant in Chiaia, Napoli. It is a two story restaurant with stylish interior and iPad based ordering system that offers lunch and dinner at fixed prices. Although usually all you can eat restaurants are not among the better restaurants for sushi, Samurai Sushi is an exception. Considering the competitive pricing, …

sake toro (salmon belly), maguro (tuna), aji (horse mackerel) nigiri

Sushi E – The Go To Sushi Bar in Downtown Sydney

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Sushi E is an upscale sushi bar & restaurant located at the Merivale, a former fashion house in the CBD in Sydney. The actual sushi bar is made of a huge one piece marble block, making it a truly unique setup I have never seen anywhere else. The restaurant is located adjacent to the chic Hemmesphere cocktail lounge, allowing access …