sake (salmon), amaebi ( sweet shrimp), tako (octopus) sashimi

Matsumi – All Time Sushi Favourites in Hamburg, Germany

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Matsumi is my all time favourite Japanese restaurant and whenever I am in Hamburg, I try to visit at least once. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the restaurant remained closed for many weeks and so I was especially happy to be able to have lunch there during my last trip to Hamburg. I was glad to see the restaurant …

maguro (tuna back), hotategai (scallop) sashimi

Kushi-Tei of Tokyo – Traditional Sushi in Düsseldorf

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Kushi-Tei of Tokyo is a traditional Japanese restaurant in the Japanese quarter in Düsseldorf. Located on the Immermannstraße in close proximity of many sushi restaurants to choose from, it certainly is one of the better options. With its authentic and down to earth atmosphere it caters to both Japanese as well as international clientele and offers both sushi bar as …

maguro (bluefin tuna back), sake (salmon), ama ebi (sweet shrimp), ika (squid), hamachi (yellowtai), chu toro (bluefin medium fatty tuna belly), akamutsu (seaperch) sashimi

Matsumi – The Japanese restaurant of choice

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Matsumi, the Japanese restaurant of choice in Hamburg, Germany, is located within the Alster Colonnaden close to the Alster river in the heart of Hamburg’s central business district. The uniquely designed Japanese restaurant provides a most authentic atmosphere and is open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday. As it has been infamous for many years, reservations are in order.

sake (salmon) sashimi

ManThei Sushi – Restaurant and Sushitaxi in Duesseldorf

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ManThei is a small sushi restaurant in Düsseldorf that also offers both catering and delivery options. Delivery seems to be a major part of the business as they advertise themselves as the sushi taxi. Despite usual scepticism about sushi delivery services, I tried them out because of their very good reputation among the fierce competition of Japanese restaurants in Düsseldorf.

ika (squid), ama ebi (sweet shrimp) sashimi

Matsumi in Hamburg – One of the best Japanese restaurants around

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Matsumi is considered to be one of the very best Japanese restaurants around. Ever since the early 1980ies it has been catering not only to the Japanese community in Hamburg but to patrons from all around the world. The infamous sushi bar offers close to 50 different varieties of sushi and sashimi dishes and is absolutely one of its kind.

kanpachi (amber jack), maguro (bluefin tuna back), sake (salmon) sashimi

Matsumi – A Truly Authentic Japanese Restaurant

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Matsumi  is a very unique Japanese restaurant in Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 1982 it was targeted at the Japanese community in Hamburg and has since evolved into a highly praised and internationally awarded restaurant catering to guests from all around the world. Hideaki Morita (the executive sushi chef) and Petra Garling took over the restaurant in 1998 and focus on …