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Akiko’s Restaurant – Truly Remarkable Japanese Cuisine

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Akiko’s Restaurant is a tiny restaurant with maybe 30 seats in total. It’s very popular and a true sushi classic in the Bay Area as I told you before. As a restaurant on my shortlist of the most amazing sushi restaurant in the world, I tend to go here whenever I am in San Francisco. This time I went here with a friend to try everything they have on the menu. 

Omakase Dinner

We started our dinner with an omakase sashimi plate that blew us away right from the start. It came with ji-kinmedai (cold smoked golden eye snapper), unimasu (ocean trout), isaki (grunt fish), hotategai (scallop), mirugai (giant clam), suna zuri (yellowtail belly cut) and mebachi maguro (big-eye tuna). It this would have been all we had, it would habe been an amazing dinner. Still, we stayed for more, omakase style of course.

Next we got some chu toro (bluefin medium fatty tuna) filled with uni (sea urchin) and must admit, I have never eaten anything quite like this. The textures of the fatty tuna and the soft sea urchin were just an awesome combination. Afterwards we had shima aji (stripped jack) sashimi, kamasu (barracuda) nigiri and ayu (river trout) nigiri. Finally we finished the meal with wagyu A5 grade miyazaki strip loin nigri, which was also truly amazing.

Sushi Guide Verdict

As always, dining at Akiko’s restaurant was a truly amazing experience. The atmosphere was just as always and the menu variety is just great, as is the food’s quality and taste. The drink menu still lacks any items that would amaze me, but I wouldn’t do there for the drinks anyway. The service was outstanding as usual and once again I can attest that this is one of the very few world class sushi restaurant on this planet.

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Review date: October 7, 2015

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