ibodai (butterfish), toro (fatty tuna belly), sake (salmon), tako (octopus) sashimi

IKI Sushi – Contemporary Japanese Cuisine in Quartieri Spagnoli, Napoli

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IKI Sushi is a chic Japanese restaurant with a large vinoteca on the lower level. It advertises itself as serving contemporary Japanese and Asian cuisine for lunch and dinner. Among the various traditional trattorias in the area, it is a rather posh and trendy place with an obvious focus on cocktails and wine in addition to food. So it might be a good place for a long night out.

Sashimi Moriawase

I went to the restaurant for lunch and enjoyed an almost empty and air conditioned dining room on a hot day in Napoli. I decided to try one of the various sashimi plates and ordered some ebi tempura (deep fried ebi) maki (roll) as a starter. The sashimi plate came with hamachi (yellowtail), ibodai (butterfish), toro (fatty tuna belly), sake (salmon) with ikura (salmon roe) and tako (octopus). The sake was very tasty, which usually is the best type of fish in all the sushi restaurants I have been to in Napoli. Most impressive was the tako, which was of superior taste and texture compared to most places I have been to in town. The toro was a little disappointing, but I am used to similar experiences in the tuna category in South Italy.

Sushi Guide Verdict

IKI Sushi is a nice and cozy restaurant with a very pleasant and upscale atmosphere. It stands out among the many traditional Italian restaurants in the area and might be a bit to fancy for some. The menu options are quite good and offer a very decent variety of sashimi and sushi options to choose from. The restaurant mostly focusses on sets, making an à la carte choice not so easy. The foot quality is good, some piece were outstanding, while some were average. All in all it is above average but there are better sushi restaurant available on town. The drink menu is decent as the restaurant has a vinoteca on the lower level. The service was very friendly and forthcoming but remained at a distance. Considering that only very few guests were in the restaurant, the team could have been more involving to make the stay a more remarkable experience.

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Review date: September 19, 2018

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