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It’s Sushi Bar – Simple Sushi Bites in Chiaia, Napoli

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Ever since my last visit to It’s Sushi in Napoli the restaurant has moved down the street and can now be found on Vico Satriano 8 in Chiaia, Napoli’s busy night life area. From a tiny sushi bar at its previous location, the restaurant has evolved into a slightly larger restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. Still the main business seems to be take away and food delivery, yet the restaurant now is among the many options to choose from for all you can eat dinner options. As this is usually not my thing, I gave the restaurant a shot after a disappointing sushi experience in Rome just one day before and ordered some bites from the menu.

Sushi Bites

Even though the menu options are a bit limited to standard sushi items and various fried dishes, which is a common theme in Napoli, I found some nice dishes to try. I had a sake (salmon) tartare gunkan (battleship sushi) wrapped in sake(salmon) and it was quite tasty. I ordered one uramaki tempura (deep fried inside out roll) with sake yaki (grilled salmon), avocado and cream cheese. It was very tasty but not particularly Japanese. At last, I chose some more traditional nigiri pieces of tako (octopus) and aka (squid). Both were nice, but I had better octopus at other places in the area. The squid however was very good and a delightful finale for the quick dinner.

Sushi Guide Verdict

It is safe to say that even though It’s Sushi will not rank among the better choices of sushi restaurants in Napoli, the restaurant improved a lot since my last visit. The atmosphere itself is still lacking and doesn’t stand out. The menu options however have improved and offer some nice surprises. The overall quality and taste of the fish was quite good, especially considering it is mainly take out restaurant. Drink options are still basic, but fitting the setting of the restaurant. The service was nice and forthcoming and it feels like a valid option to grab some quick bites before having a night out in Chiaia. For a full features dinner experience I would not recommend this restaurant. There are many better options around.

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Review Date: July 5, 2019

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