maguro (tuna), sake (salmon), unagi (freshwater eel) nigiri

Kampai Sushi Bar – Traditional Japanese sushi bar on the Reeperbahn

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Kampai Sushi Bar is located at Hamburger Berg, close to the Reeperbahn. It is a tiny restaurant with about 10 bar stool seats. 4 of those are at the sushi bar, the rest is located at the window, allowing for a view of one of Hamburg’s busiest nightlife streets.

The simple restaurant is family operated and has a unique atmosphere although there is no particular focus on interior design. It offers a small selection of traditional Japanese dishes and an average number of sushi and sashimi options. There is no omakase style menu available but the number of fish to choose from is limited anyway, so one might just try them all.

Nigiri Dinner

Since the selection of fish did not invite for a large sashimi plate, I opted for a nigiri dinner and orderes several rounds of maguro (tuna), unagi (freshwater eel), ika (squid) and sake (salmon). The taste of all dished was quite good although far from amazing. Although there were some other types of fatty tuna in display at the sushi bar, it was unavailable for regular customers.

Sushi Guide Verdict

The atmosphere at Kampai Sushi Bar is certainly unique as well as both cozy and familiar but lacks a coherent look and feel. Also some renovations might be order and one should be aware of the not so clean overall setting. In any case, this somewhat matches the surroundings of the restaurant, so it might just be something to get used to. The menu options are very limited and some items are not available to average customers. The food quality is good but not amazing.The drink menu is also very limited. Combined with the limited sushi menu options available, this led to an overall disappointing experience. The service team was very polite and the family dynamics were enjoyable to watch.

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Review date: December 21, 2013

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