maguro (tuna back), hotategai (scallop), sake (salmon), ibodai (butterfish), ebi (shrimp), hamachi (yellowtail) sashimi plate

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Superior Sushi in Chiaia, Napoli

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a hip and busy sushi restaurant in Napoli’s vibrant quarter Chiaia. With a dark an stylish interior design it caters to the fancy crowd and is well frequented both during the week and on weekends. For desired seating, reservations are in order. Still, since the restaurant is quite large, spontanous guest may also find some spots. Apart from sushi, the restaurant also has a good cocktail menu, combining what many people are looking for on a night out in Napoli.

Superior Sashimi Plate

The dinner started with an absolutely impressive sashimi plate. In fact the fish was decorated in a huge bowl filled with ice, making the dish not only very appealing but also keeping the fish at an optimal temperature. The plate came with maguro (tuna back), hotategai (scallop), sake (salmon), hamachi (yellowtail) with ikura (salmon roe), ibodai (butterfish), ebi (shrimp) and aji (mackerel). All fish had very good taste and were of surprisingly high quality. I was especially surprise with the hotategai, the ebi and aji.

As a second course I decided to try an ebi (shrimp) and unagi (freshwater eel) maki roll. The amazing taste of the ebi did not come trough in the maki roll. However, the unagi was absolutely amazing. As a final dish I chose two toro (bluefin fetty tuna belly) nigiri. Toro is very hard to find in Napoli’s sushi restaurants and mostly is unimpressive. These toro nigiri were very good, but not as amazing as in other restaurants that I went to in the city. Still, it is good to know that they offer it.

Sushi Guide Verdict

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a very nice restaurant with a chic and upscale atmosphere. Due to its size the interior feels a little cold and impersonal compared to other places in the area. The menu options are good and the food quality is among the best in Napoli with ample room for improvement. The drink menu also included anything one might desire which makes the restaurant a good place to go for a long night out. The service was quick, professional and friendly but the staff remained very distant and mechanical in their work. Compared to most other options in the area, this sushi restaurant is among the top locations.

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Review date: April 21, 2018

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