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Koi Sushi – Japanese restaurant in the center of Napoli

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Koi Sushi is a popular Japanese restaurant in the heart of Napoli that offers an asian infused all you can eat menu for both lunch and dinner. It is a huge restaurant with 3 floors and room for loads of people. The place is very popular among both locals and tourists and is very busy almost every night. Without a reservation you can still join the waiting list and will be seated within 30-60 minutes. I usually don’t like all you can eat sushi restaurants, but as they are very popular in Napoli, I gave this a try.

Simple Sushi Dishes

The menu features some appertizers, such as edamame, wakame our soups, and a broad selection of nigiri dishes. The sashimi options a very limited and the largest portion of the menu is made of maki, uramaki, te maki and some additional fried dishes. Some other dishes seem to have a little asian influence and would best be described as simple and huge.

I decided to stick with classical sushi dishes and tried the sake (salmon) and suzuki (sea bass) sashimi and some ika (squid), saba (mackerel), tai (red snapper) and tako (octopus) nigiri. The suzuki was nice and the ika was so good that I ordered another two pieces. However, the second two pieces were not convincing. I also tried the sake cava te maki (grilled salmon skin hand roll) which sounded very appealing. Unfortunately the grilled salmon skin was also deep fried, which dominated the taste of the hand roll. I also tried a tako tempura (deep fried octopus) uramaki (inside out roll), which probably was the best dish during the dinner. The last order was a sake (salmon) maki tempura (deep fried roll) that was also too dominated by the fried taste.

Sushi Guide Verdict

Koi Sushi is a very busy and super crowded and therefor extremely loud restaurant. On all three stories the restaurant has a dark asian decor that feels a little depressing. Still everything looked well maintained and on brand. The menu options are extensive but at the same time very limited in their variety. There only few different fish and the taste and quality of the dishes was average. Due to the all you can eat policy, most dishes come with plenty of rice and certainly well suited to fill guest up quickly. Drinks are not included in the fixed menu price, but still the drink menu is rather basic. The service team was very forthcoming and friendly. However, the crew is super busy so waiters are difficult to catch and for some dishes the wait was more than 30 minutes. Overall the restaurant provided everything one could look for in an all you can eat restaurant, but the quality of the food could be better. Compared to other restaurants in Napoli with similar offers, I would recommend to go somewhere else.

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Review date: October 13, 2018

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