ibodai (butterfish), maguro (tuna back), sake (salmon), suzuki (sea bass), ebi (shrimp), tako (octopus) nigiri

Kokore Sushi – Easy Sushi Bites and Poke in Napoli, Italy

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Kokore Sushi is tiny sushi and poke restaurant in Vomero, Napoli. It offers a limited set of sushi dishes in addition to its poke selection and has about 4 outdoor seats and another 8 indoor seats. It is not a restaurant to spend long hours, but rather suitable for some quick bites before going to the cinema across the street or the like. I sampled the menu by exploring their nigiri selection.

With outdoor seating, I opted for their nigiri set. It came with ibodai (butterfish), maguro (tuna back), sake (salmon), suzuki (sea bass), ebi (shrimp) and tako (octopus) nigiri. While the salmon and tuna were really standard, the octopus was excellent. This is quite common in Napoli, where octopus is a typical delicacy. Also the butterfish was quite good, which is a rare find.

Sushi Guide Verdict

All in all, Kokore Sushi is nothing special, yet a nice place to drop by. If you are looking for some quick bites in between, it is a nice option. The atmosphere is not very inviting and the tiny space just offers the absolute minimum to consume food quickly. The menu options are limited, but the available dishes are nice and quality and taste is average and quite good for select items. The drink menu is a bit limited, but its enough for some quick bites. The staff is friendly but didn’t put any effort into making the dinner something special.

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Review date: October 10, 2021

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