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ManThei Sushi – Restaurant and Sushitaxi in Duesseldorf

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ManThei is a small sushi restaurant in Düsseldorf that also offers both catering and delivery options. Delivery seems to be a major part of the business as they advertise themselves as the sushi taxi. Despite usual scepticism about sushi delivery services, I tried them out because of their very good reputation among the fierce competition of Japanese restaurants in Düsseldorf.

Sashimi à la carte

I ordered a broad selection from the substantial list of dished and focussed mainly on sashimi to focus in the fish freshness and taste. I had some ikura (salmon roe), maguro (tuna back), ibodai (butterfish), ama ebi (sweet shrimp), tai (sea beam), ika (squid) as well as sake (salmon). In addition I tried some saba (mackerel), tai (sea beam) and unagi (freshwater eel) nigiri.

The overall taste of the fish was ok but not above average. For delivery service I would consider the menu options and quality as very good but still it felt uninspiring. Only the sake (salmon), ika (squid) and sabe (mackerel) were surprisingly good. The overall presentation of the food could also be improved upon. There are various sushi delivery services that focus more on the optical aesthetics of the experience.

Sushi Guide Verdict

Although I ordered food for delivery, I checked out the restaurants atmosphere. It is a simple place that is ok for a quick meal but it does not feel suited for a longer dinner. The menu options are very good considering it is a delivery service. Compared to other Japanese restaurants around however, it is just average. The taste and quality of the food is good but did not feel inspiring. The drink menu options are limited, which is to be expected from a delivery service. The service at the restaurant is ok, nothing more. I talked with them over the phone various times and also had to complain about a very long delivery time. With all the other options of excellent Japanese restaurants in Düsseldorf, I personally would rather go somewhere else if I am about to go out. For a delivery service ManThei might be an option to be considered. I am sure it is way above average.

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Review date: January 8, 2018

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