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Marshal Sushi – Neapolitan Japanese cuisine in Chiaia, Napoli

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Marshal Sushi is a simple but competitive all you can eat sushi restaurant in Chiaia, Napoli. Located on Riviera di Chiaia and close to Piazza Vittoria the restaurant caters to both tourists and locals and offers indoor and outdoor seating. The interior is trendy but cool and impersonal and matches the overall experience at the restaurant.

All you can eat

The menu options are very limited and also dependent on availability of the day. The all you can eat formular is 3+2, meaning you can order 3 and then 2 dishes from the menu. As many of the dishes are deep fried, 5 dishes is more then enough. I went to the restaurant with a friend and we shared some ebi tempura (deep fried shrimp) maki (roll), ebi (shrimp), ibodai (butterfish) and sake (salmon nigiri) as well as some surimi (imitation crab meat) and sake (salmon) maki (roll), maguro tempura (deep fried tuna back) maki (roll) and lastly some tori tempura (deep fried chicken). The taste was ok but lacked diversity. Overall the dishes tasted very similar and made this a rather disappointing experience.

Sushi Guide Verdict

Marshal Sushi offers a very basic and rather impersonal atmosphere. The attempt to furnish in a trendy fashion does not match the otherwise bland feel of the place. The menu options are very limited even for an all you can eat restaurant. The food quality and taste is ok at best and lacks in comparison to the many other sushi restaurants in the area. The drink menu is also limited. The service was friendly but remained distant and impersonal. All in all I would not recommend this restaurant. I have to admit that I don’t like all you can eat restaurants in general. Even considering this bias, there are many other all you can eat options just around the corner.

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Review date: September 10, 2018

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