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Maruyaso Schadow Arkaden – The Ultimate Japanese Cuisine in Düsseldorf, Germany

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Maruyasu is a classic among the high end Japanese outlets in Düsseldorf. It is a family owned business created by Akio Ando, serving some of the best sushi since 1983. At various locations Maruyasu serves sushi to go in addition to canteen style in-house dining with excellent ingredients and typical Japanese service. It has large following among the Japanese community, international travelers and sushi aficionados from all around.

An all time classic

Since decades Akio Ando is serving sushi to go in his various Maruyasu outlets across Düsseldorf. The prime location however, seems to be the sushi bar in the Schadow Arkaden where also Akio himself can be found on most days behind the counter. At its long counter, a huge variety of different sushi dishes can be found, among which usually is a huge selection of premium nigiri pieces to choose from. Most interestingly, the selection usually features a variety of bluefin tuna cuts, as can be seen in this video (among other nice impressions).

This time I went for a nice selection of nigiri pieces for a quick meal. I chose 2 pieces of otoro (fatty bluefin tuna belly) and chu toro (medium fatty bluefin tuna belly) nigiri, which on its one would be reason enough to revisit the restaurant any day. I was told it was off a 300 kg tuna that was received and cut just some days ago and this day was perfect for trying the new arrival. It was certainly so and an absolute delight.

Also the rest of my nigiri plate was outstanding. I had some hamachi (yellowtail), hotategai (scallop), sake zuke toro (grilled salmon belly), karei (founder), unagi (freshwater eel), aburi sake (roasted salmon), ika (squid) and katsuo (bonito fish) nigiri. Needless to say, that all of these were of excellent quality and taste. Especially amazing were the scallop, squid and ell, which usually rank among my favorites. Also the bonito was great and is a rare find among the options in Düsseldorf. As a small gift from the kitchen, I also received two pieces of gyuza, which where also nice.

As always, the experience was outstanding and even though the concept is more that of a takeout shop, I appreciate the canteen style in house dining options for my visits. If I could take the tuna variety with me everywhere I go, I would really look anything else.

Sushi Guide Verdict

The atmosphere at Maruyaso is always a mix between very nice and welcoming and a bit cold and transitory. The sushi to go approach renders the restaurant not super inviting for in-house dining, but it is possible and certainly worth it. The menu options are extensive and cover even rare and exquisite fish to choose from. Most intriguingly, the tuna variety is excellent and of the highest quality. The drink menu is limited as the main focus of Maruyasu is not in-house dining. The service team is always super friendly, forth coming and happy to share about the amazing options they have on the menu. It is also always a special delight to experience Akino Ando behind the counter, serving as a sushi chef since 1983.

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Review date: December 28, 2021

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