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Otoro81 – Excellent Japanese cuisine in Chiaia, Napoli

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Otoro81 is a newly opened upscale sushi restaurant in Napoli’s nightlife district Chiaia. It features a posh cocktail bar, is highly frequented by the trendy crowd and definitely an must for any sushi aficionado. As the restaurents is very busy on weekends, reservations are in order. Alternatively, on some week nights, it is not so busy.

Dinner at otoro81

This is the second time I went to the restaurant and this time we chose a table at the far end of room. In a group of 3 people there was no way to squeeze us in at the bar. We started out with some wakame and maguro (bluefin tuna back) tataki plate as well as an amazing o-toro (bluefin fatty tuna belly) tartare. This was an experience to be remembered and scores among the most unique tuna dishes I ever had.

Afterwards we a plate of mixed sashimi with sake (salmon), maguro (bluefin tun back) and hamachi (yellowtail). Although the sake was very good, the overall experience was a little disappointing in comparison to the first course. Lastly we ordered a unagi (freshwater eel) and sake (salmon) inside out roll, which was pretty good and a few more pieces of the o-toro (bluefin fatty tuna belly) as nigiri, the signature dish of the restaurant.

Sushi Guide Verdict

Overall, dining a otoro81 is an absolute delight. It it is the best sushi restaurant I have been to in Napoli so far and provides al welcoming and totally unique atmosphere. The menu options are good, although this time they seemed limited compared to the previous visit when I was seated at the bar. The food quality and taste is outstanding and also the dink menu provides everything one could desire. The service was friendly but a little bit distanced this time. It was a very busy night, so it probably was because of that. All in all, I recommend to check out this restaurant but would advise to sit at the sushi bar for the best experience.

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Review date: April 14, 2018

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