ebi tempura (deep fried shrimp) uramaki (inside out roll), sake yaki (grilled salmon), tako (octopus), sake (salmon) nigiri

Ristorante Hokkaido – Quick Sushi Bites in Mergellina, Napoli

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Ristorante Hokkaido is a small and simple restaurant close to the sea front in Mergellina, Napoli. It offers all you can eat menus for both lunch and dinner for low cost with a simplistic and very rustic setting and atmosphere. Competing with the many sushi restaurants in Napoli, it ranks among the lower end of the all you can eat restaurants but offers comparable menu options for a very competitive price.

All you can eat

Despite my general dislike of all you can eat menu options, I was tempted to try the restaurant for a some quick bites during lunch. Although the menu offers extensive dishes, only a subset is focussed on Japanese cuisine and and even smaller part of the menu is available within the all you can eat offer. So I decided to der some basic dishes to get an idea about the average dishes available. I started with some ebi tempura (deep fried shrimp) uramaki (inside out roll), sake yaki (grilled salmon), tako (octopus) and sake (salmon) nigiri. The salmon was actually surprisingly good and the fried uramaki was convincing enough to try another one. I also had a sake (salmon) o-nigiri, which was filled with mayonnaise to my disappointment. The tai (sea bream) was ok but nothing special. I also tried a maguro (tuna back) tempura maki (deep fried roll), but it was uninspiring and I actually forgot to take a photo.

Sushi Guide Verdict

Ristorante Hokkaido is a very basic restaurant with a rather uninviting atmosphere. The place is tiny, but offers additional tables on the top level. Overall the interior looks uninspired and is not maintained in a very good way. As I suspect the restaurant to be frequented mostly for quick meals during lunch and dinner, it might not be a big problem for most. Still, I would not go there for a nice meal. The menu options are extensive, but only a subset is focussed on Japanese cuisine. The biggest part of the menu seems more like basic Chinese cuisine with some Indian elements. All in all a strange menu composition. The food quality was ok. The fried dishes were tasty but this is almost to be expected in Napoli, where fried dishes are very common. The quality and taste of the fish is not worth mentioning. The drink menu is good and fits the overall setup of the restaurant. The staff was friendly but not especially forthcoming. Overall I would only go to this restaurant for very quick bites.

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Review date: December 5, 2018

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