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Sushi Ran – One Of Its Kind

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Whenever I am in the San Francisco Bay Area, I go to Sushi Ran at least one time. More often than not I wish I could go there any other day. I truly believe the all time classic Japanese restaurant to be one of the very best restaurants in the world. So once again, I share some photos from one of my many visits.

Sashimi Dinner

This time, I had a light omakase sashimi dinner at the sushi bar. It came with hon maguro (bluefin tuna), suzuki (sea bass), zuke sake (white soy sauce cured fatty salmon), kanpai (amber jack), bincho maguro (white tuna), sawara(cherrywood smoked horse mackerel), hamachi (yellowtail), o toro (bluefin fatty tuna) and zuke chu toro (red wine cured bluefin medium fatty tuna). To cut it short, it truly was amazing… as always.

Sushi Guide Verdict

Sushi Ran offers a truly unique atmosphere both at the open sushi bar as well as at regular tables. The food menu is extensive and the restaurant also offers various sushi bar exclusives. Everything is of the highest quality and the most amazing taste. The wine and sake menu offers anything from light aperitifs to heavy red wines. As always the service was outstanding although we were staying too long, being the last guests of the night.

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Review date: September 9, 2013

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