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Sushi Ran – An All Time Classic

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Sushi Ran in Sausalito truly is an all time classic. For more than 30 years, it has been recognised among the top Japanese restaurants in the U.S. if not even the world. Highly praised by Michelin, Zagat as well as news outlets such as San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal or USA Today, it certainly is worth a visit for anyone in the area. The outstanding chefs combine traditional Japanese and Pacific cuisine into a vibrant fusion that is truly remarkable. Over the years I went there many many times. Surely some of my visits will find their way in the Sushi Guide restaurants reviews.

Dinner at Sushi Ran

Seated at a table close to the sushi bar, I opted for a lengthy and opulent dinner. Starting with a moriawase sashimi plate, I was swept away on my gourmet journey. It came with umi masu (ocean trout), king sake (kink salmon) and hamachi (yellow tail) among other things. Afterwards I opted for a huge omakase style sashimi plate that was truly amazing. It came with kanpachi (amber jack), tako (octopus), kamasu (young barracuda), king sake (king salmon), toro (bluefin fatty tuna belly), aji (horse mackerel) and kankachi (amber jack). For a last course, I tried some most amazing unagi (frehswater eel) nigiri and some even more breathtaking wagyu a5 grade strip loin nigiri.

Sushi Guide Verdict

As always, Sushi Ran caters to its tenants with its traditional approach and the cozy atmosphere induced by the uniquely designed interior. The menu options are up and beyond anything you could desire with the most amazing quality and taste of every fish I had. The extensive wine and sake menu invites people to enjoy themselves even more while being served by the most friendly and forthcoming people. It you get a seat at the sushi bar, you can chat with the sushi chefs, who gladly share exciting anecdotes. If you are looking for more privacy, any table in the restaurant or on its lovely terrace will do just as fine. I can also recommend it as a very romantic restaurant within the picturesque and dreamy backdrop of Sausalito. Whenever you are in the area, make sure to get a table at Sushi Ran.

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Review date: November 6, 2012

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