sake (salmon), ibodai (butterfish), ama-ebi (sweet shrimp), hokkigai (red clam) sashimi

Sushi Sapporo – All You Can Eat Sushi Dining in Vomero, Napoli

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Sushi Sapporo is an All You Can Eat sushi restaurant in Vomero, Napoli. It is one of many in Napoli as all you can eat sushi is a very common theme among the options to choose from. Most Japanese restaurant are in fact more hybrid and blend Japanese with either Brazilian, Peruvian and mostly Neapolitan cuisine. Among the many all you can eat options, Sushi Sapporo stands out as the best by far. Even though not particularly Japanese over all, it is a very decent restaurant and provides all you might look for.

I went for an extensive dinner and even though I knew better, I started off with some fried options. As fried food is the prime discipline of any Neapolitan kitchen, fried dishes are always tasty and outperform international competition, but they are also very heavy and add quite a load for the rest of the meal. I hat some ebi tempura (fried shrimp), takoyaki (fried octopus) and few pieces of sake (salmon) maki tempura (fried roll). I am a big fan of takoyaki and have to say, that usually these are outstanding in Napoli as the ability to fry food is superior to most other regions I have been to.

Orders are managed though iPads, making the overall experience a bit impersonal. By now this is common in most all you can eat sushi restaurants in Napoli. On the upside, its easy to keep track of all the dishes for the review, so I did not need to take notes. I ordered some suzuki (sea bass) and tako (octopus) sashimi alongside sake zuke (grilled salmon) and maguro (tuna back) nigiri. The tako was outstanding and also the sake was nice. As usual in Napoli, the maguro was not so interesting. So I took another oder of the sake zuke (grilled salmon) and added some ika (squid) nigiri alongside some hotategai (scallop) sashimi. The hotategai was also very nice and overall I was impressed with quality of the food and variety of options to choose from.

Usually, all you you can eat restaurants have limited options available and focus on salmon, tuna back and shrimp. Here, there were a lot of interesting things to discover. I ordered some more sashimi. It came with sake (salmon), ibodai (butterfish), ika (squid), ama-ebi (sweet shrimp) and hokkigai (red clam), which is a rare find in any sushi restaurant around. Also the ibodai was actually the best I had in Napoli so far. Therefore I went for another round of nigiri with ibodai (butterfish) and ama-ebi (sweet shrimp) to close the meal.

Sushi Guide Verdict

All in all, I was super happy and satisfied with my experience at Sushi Sapporo. The atmosphere of the restaurant is welcoming, even though it is quite large and loud. The menu options are outstanding for an all you can eat restaurant and easily outperform the competition in Napoli. The taste and quality of the fish was very good and some pieces rank well even compared with upscale Japanese restaurants around. The drink menu is a bit limited but offers enough options for a nice night out. The service staff is friendly and welcoming, but interactions are limited due to the fact that all interactions are managed through the iPads. Apart from being seated and paying the bill, there are few interactions. I can recommend Sushi Sapporo as a nice option in Napoli and the best all you can eat sushi restaurant in the area.

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Review date: October 25 2021

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