suzuki (sea bass), maguro (tuna back) nigiri

Sushi Sumo – Japanese Cuisine in Vomero, Napoli (closed)

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Sushi Sumo is an all you can eat sushi restaurant in Vomero, Napoli. It has a modern and stylish interior and an iPad based ordering system that offers lunch and dinner at fixed prices. I usually don’t like all you can eat restaurants, but as this restaurant seemed to be somewhat like Ristorante Giapponese Samurai in Chiaia with the same competitive pricing, I had to give it a try.

Sushi for Lunch

Although the restaurant offers various dishes that are not exactly Japanese cuisine, it had an extensive menu of traditional sushi. I opted for some sake (salmon) sashimi and various nigiri pieces, such as sake (salmon), unagi (freshwater eel), suzuki (seabass) and maguro (tuna back). The overall taste was ok, but nothing amazing. The salmon and suzuki were the best I tried, but overall it was rather disappointing. The menu also offers many fried dishes, which are very good but not exactly Japanese dishes.

Sushi Guide Verdict

Considering the competitive pricing, Sushi Sumo offers very good value for money. Still, it did not convince me overall. The stylish interior is rather cold and the open room concepts makes the restaurant very noisy. The menu options are limited and even more limited during lunch and the best options range more among classical asian dishes or the various fried Neapolitan fusion dishes. The drink menu is limited but still good for a quick lunch or dinner. The service was friendly and forthcoming but due to the iPad based ordering system it feels really impersonal. Considering other options, I would rather go to Samurai Sushi in Chiaia as it offers much better options at the same price.

Review date: September 16, 2018

NOTE: The restaurant has been closed. A person died after contracting salmonella.

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