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Sushi-Ya – Japanese Cuisine in Stuttgart

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Sushi-Ya is a restaurant within the Feinkost Böhm delicatessen store in Stuttgart’s Kronprinzenbau. The restaurant offers lunch and dinner as well as takeout and serves traditional nigiri, sushi and sashimi dishes.

The menu is described as being authentic and traditional and offers about 20 different fish to choose from. Among the specialties available are o toro (bluefin fatty tuna belly), chu-toro (bluefin medium fatty tuna) and tai (gilthead). There are various plates offered in the menu and sashimi aficionados can choose between different moriawase sashimi options. An omakase style menu is not offered.

Lunch Menu

Since I went to the restaurant for lunch, I opted for a lunch plate with a maki and nigiri selection. The maguro (tuna) and sake (salmon) maki rolls were of average taste and quality. The nigiri were much better but still rather average. I tried ika (squid), maguro (tuna), ebi (shrimp), hamachi (yellowtail), sake (salmon), aji (mackerel) and hokkigai (surf clam).

Although I was satisfied with the lunch menu, the experience fell short behind the high expectations I had for this restaurant. I am not sure wether dinner would have been a much better choice, but I doubt it would have lived up to my expectations. Also the o toro (bluefin fatty tuna belly) and chu-toro (bluefin medium fatty tuna) dishes were unavailable during my visit.

Sushi Guide Verdict

Sushi-Ya restaurant provides a modern and cool setting within the Feinkost Böhm delicatessen store in Stuttgart’s Kronprinzenbau. It is rather a place for a quick bite than a cozy restaurant for a romantic dinner. Although the menu options are extensive, the quality and taste of the fish was just above average. The drink options were limited and not noteworthy. The service staff was friendly but not overly enthusiastic about the food served. Unfortunately, other than for a quick lunch, I would not recommend this place.

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Review date: Juni 30, 2015

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