otoro (fatty tuna belly) nigiri with maguro (tuna back) tartare topping plate

Otoro81 – Upscale Japanese Cuisine in Chiaia, Napoli

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Otoro81 is among the best Japanese restaurants in Napoli and offers an upscale atmosphere with a cocktail lounge with DJ as well as a premium sushi menu to explore. During the week seats are available for walk-ins, on the weekend reservations are a must. As one of the few reference sushi restaurants in town, I returned once again for another …

omakase fish preparation

Sushiya – Glorious Sushi Bar in Tokyo.

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How long after you try something amazing, do you forget about it? I’m writing this almost one year after we visited Sushiya in Tokyo, and I still remember the taste, the tenderness, the aroma of the otoro as if I was there, touching it. The same neurons that were firing up in my brain are making me salivate again today.

Sushi Ran - menu

Sushi Ran – Sushi Bar Exclusives

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Whenever I am in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have to make my mandatory visit to Sushi Ran, my all time favourite Sushi Restaurant in Sausalito. According to Michael Bauer, it os one of the only 3 places to go for great sushi in the San Francisco Bay Area, leading the list for nearly 3 decades. So as usual, I went …