maguro (tuna), cobia (finfish), hamachi (yellowtail), kanpachi (amber jack), sake (salmon) sashimi

Toni’s Sushi Bar – A Traditional Sushi Restaurant im Miami Beach

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Toni’s Sushi Bar in Miami Beach is a small and cozy restaurant with just 50 seats at the most. It is located at 1208 Washington Ave, just minutes away from Ocean Drive, Lummus Park and the beach. Seats at the small sushi bar are in high demand, so reservations are in order.

Operating since 1987, Toni’s Sushi Bar claims to be the first sushi restaurant in Miami Beach. High Zagat ratings underline the ongoing success of the restaurant. The menu ranges from soups and salads to large entrees such as Toni’s duck or Toni’s steak. The Sushi selection is quite good and offers various choices of both moriawase or omakase style sashimi plates. Toni’s Sushi Bar leaves nothing to be desired on terms of menu options.

Sashimi Dinner

The omakase sashimi plate was quite amazing with cobia (finfish), hamachi (yellowtail), kanpachi (amber jack), maguro (tuna) and sake (salmon). I ordered some additional aji (horse mackerel), tai (red snapper) and toro (bluefin fatty tuna belly) from the daily specials menu. All of these were amazing and if the toro hadn’t sold out, I would have ordered even more.

I finished the dinner with a sake cava temaki (grilled salmon skin handroll), an unagi (freshwater eel) nigiri and a anago (sea eel) nigiri. I never had anago before and liked it very much. Still it falls behind the unagi, one of my absolute favorites.

Sushi Guide Verdict

The atmosphere of at Toni’s Sushi Bar is cozy and familiar. It is quite dark and one feels at home even when the place is packed. Although there is no particular style to the interior design, it feels like a very original place. The sushi menu offers a great selection of fish with additional items on the daily specials menu. The quality and taste of the fish was outstanding and far better than to be expected. The drink menu offers a good variety of wine, beer and premium sake options. The service team was very polite although there were some language issues from time to time.

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Review date: December 31, 2015

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