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Yume Sushi Bar & Restaurant – Quick Sushi Bites in Napoli

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Yume Sushi Bar & Restaurant is a sushi restaurant in Chiaia, Napoli. It offers both takeaway and delivery options as well as in-house dining in a dark and stylish interior in restaurant located in a basement of a typical Neapolitan house. It also offers all you can eat options, making it a competitor to other options in the area. I usually don’t like all you can eat sushi restaurants, but the restaurant’s reputation convinced me to try it.

Quick Dinner

I went on a weekday and was the only guest at around 8 PM. The restaurant was very busy with delivery orders and appeared to be extremely popular as a delivery option. I took a seat at the bar and chose a few items from the menu. I started with some tako (octopus), sake (salmon) and maguro (bluefin tuna back) nigiri and sake (salmon) and suzuki (sea bass) sashimi. As in most sushi restaurants in the area, the sake was excellent while the maguro was unimpressive. Still, I was impressed with the quality and taste of the fish.

I tried some more nigiri and enjoyed the hokkigai (surf clam) and the hotategai (scallop) in particular. I also tried some fried makis (rolls) as they were recommended as the signature dishes. The surimi (imitation crab meat) and sake (salmon) maki (roll) came with a very tasty teriyaki sauce and was pretty good. Even better was the ebi tempura (deep fried shrimp) with sake (salmon) maki (roll). Only the sake tempura (deep fried salmon) maki (roll) was not to my preference. It came with a mayonnaise topping, which I generally don’t like with sushi.

Sushi Guide Verdict

Yume Sushi Bar & Restaurant is a stylish but cold restaurant that offers very good value even for small budgets. The restaurant is spacious and a little impersonal, although I felt at home during my visit as I was the only guest at the time. The menu options are limited but very good for an all you can eat restaurant. The food quality and taste was good. The drink menu is good and makes the restaurant a suitable place for a long night out. The service was very friendly and communicative. I talked with the sushi chef at the bar, which is rare among the many sushi restaurants I tried in Napoli. If you are looking for a good all you can eat restaurant or nice delivery alternative, give it a try.

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Review date: September 7, 2018

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