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Kushi-Tei of Tokyo – Traditional Sushi in Düsseldorf

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Kushi-Tei of Tokyo is a traditional Japanese restaurant in the Japanese quarter in Düsseldorf. Located on the Immermannstraße in close proximity of many sushi restaurants to choose from, it certainly is one of the better options. With its authentic and down to earth atmosphere it caters to both Japanese as well as international clientele and offers both sushi bar as well as seated dining alternatives. Menu options are extensive and offered in German, English and of course Japanese. It is safe to say that it is an excellent restaurant for both lunch and dinner and reservations might be in order on almost all days.

An Extensive Dinner Experience at Kushi-Tei of Tokyo

As I went there alone and without reservation, I was lucky enough to get a single seat at the sushi bar to fully enjoy my experience. Even if my view was a bit obstructed, it was a nice turn of events that I didn’t expect. I started out with some basic side dishes and tried the horenso (spinach) in sesame sauce with was amazing and the tako yaki (deep dried octopus) which was almost a meal on its own. I liked the tako yaki, but from my experiences in Napoli I can attest that there are superior deep frying skills around.

As the main course I opted for an omakase style sashimi plate that came with a good variety of fish to enjoy. I had hotategai (scallop) – one of my favourites and an absolute delight – and maguro (tuna back), tako (octopus), aji (mackerel), ama ebi (sweet shrimp), sake (salmon) and hamachi (yellowtail) sashimi. The overall taste and quality of the fish was outstanding, with my favourite ranking among aji, hamachi and the hotategai.

As a finale for my dinner experience, I ordered some nigiri pieces. I got another two pieces of hotategai (scallop) and two pieces of unagi (freshwater eel), both of which are absolute favourites of mine. The scallop was amazing and the best pieces on this day. The unagi was also good but the topping was a bit scarce and not that appealing to me. Also it was served cold, which is downer in my opinion.

Sushi Guide Verdict

Dining at Kushi-Tei of Tokyo was a nice and satisfying experiment. The atmosphere was very low key, friendly and welcoming. The menu options are so extensive that I could come back many times with always new things to try. Taste and quality of the fish and all other dishes I had was excellent and much better than at many other restaurants around. The drink menu is very traditional and offers a large selection of Japanese beers and spirits. The service was very friendly even if the language barrier was evident. All in all the team made me enjoy my stay and would definitely recommend this restaurant to any sushi aficionado.

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Review date: February 25, 2020

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