tamago (egg omelet), maguro (tuna back) maki (roll), hotategai (scallop), unagi (freshwater eel), ebi (shrimp) nigiri, sake (salmon) gunkan (battleship sushi) with ikura (salmon roe), hamachi (yellowtail), sake (salmon), otoro (fatty tuna belly), chu-toro (medium fatty tuna belly) nigiri plate

Kushi-Tei of Tokyo – Japanese Classics in Düsseldorf, Germany

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Kushi-Tei of Tokyo ranks among the classic Japanese restaurants in Düsseldorf and is located in the Japanese quarter on the Immermannstraße. With recent closure of Kikaku, one of Düsseldorfs finest traditional Japanese restaurant, Kushi-Tei is among the shrinking outstanding options to choose from. The restaurant has simple but authentic interior design and provided a friendly atmosphere to both Japanese as well …

maguro (tuna back), hotategai (scallop) sashimi

Kushi-Tei of Tokyo – Traditional Sushi in Düsseldorf

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Kushi-Tei of Tokyo is a traditional Japanese restaurant in the Japanese quarter in Düsseldorf. Located on the Immermannstraße in close proximity of many sushi restaurants to choose from, it certainly is one of the better options. With its authentic and down to earth atmosphere it caters to both Japanese as well as international clientele and offers both sushi bar as …

toro (bluefin fatty tuna belly) nigiri

Sushi Ran – Incredible Sushi Delights in Sausalito, California

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Sushi Ran is among my favourite sushi restaurants in the world and it has been a classic for decades in the San Francisco Bay Area. Located in Sausalito, north of San Francisco, it offers most exquisit Japanese dishes for lunch dinner. I have been there many times, and make sure to go there whenever I am in the area. It …