sake cava temaki (hand roll with grilled salmon skin)

Sushibar Fujiyama – Basic Japanese Bites in Düsseldorf, Germany

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Sushibar Fujiyama is a traditional Japanese restaurant in Düsseldorf that is welcoming guests since 2009. Apart from offering lunch and dinner, the team also offers catering services for private and commercial clients as well as delivery services. The restaurant has limited seating options but on weekdays it is possible to get a spot even without a reservation. As I was walking by the other day, I decided to give it a try and sample the menu for some quick bites.

Quick Dinner

Looking in the sushi bar fridge, I was able to assess the options available and was a bit disappointed by the limitations despite the outside advertising that seemed to promote an extensive selection of fish to choose from. Still the chef seemed nice and well invested in preparing the dishes, so I wanted to sample some of the highlights. While I was waiting, I also noticed a screen with video recordings of the chef cutting various types of fish. It was very interesting and the time passed quickly.

I decided to try one of my favourite Japanese dishes, a sake cave temaki (hand roll with grilled salmon skin). It was quite nice, even though it cannot be compared with the best ones I had. Yet, it made me optimistic about the rest of the meal. My main plate with selection from the menu came with unagi (freshwater eel), ika (squid) nigiri, kani (crab meat) uramaki (inside out roll) and a promising ebi tempura (fried shrimp) uramaki (inside out roll) with unagi (freshwater eel) topping with teriyaki sauce. The eel and scallop were outstanding and I was certainly impressed my the taste and texture of the squid. The most impressive piece of the meal was otoro (fatty tuna belly) nigiri, which was so amazing, I could not believe it. Considering the competition around, this was a surprise.

Sushi Guide Verdict

Sushibar Fujiyama is simple and down to earth restaurant with a cozy and somewhat uninspired atmosphere. The most interesting part of the restaurant’s overall setup is the screen with the videos about preparing different types of fish. The menu options are decent but lack behind some of the fierce competition around. All to be expected basics are there, yet the range of specialties is limited. The food quality was surprisingly good and test was excellent. The drink menu is not worth mentioning and just covers the basis. The service staff was very friendly and forthcoming and made my visit and enjoyable experience. For a quick dinner or nice lunch, this is definitely a nice option. For a journey though the vast dimensions of Japanese cuisine, there are better alternatives around.

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Review date: October 13, 2020

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