ika (squid), saba (mackerel) nigiri

Tokyo Lounge – All You Can Eat Takeout in Düsseldorf, Germany

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Tokyo Lounge is a large all you can eat sushi restaurant on Berliner Allee in Düsseldorf. It usually caters to the masses with affordable menu and cocktails and huge window front seating. Even though all you can eat sushi restaurants are not often on my list, I gave it a try during the Corona pandemic as the options of open …

shima aji (striped jack), otoro (bluefin fatty tuna belly), chu toro (medium fatty bluefin tuna belly), madai (red seabream), ika (squid), maguro (bluefin tuna back) sahimi plate with wasabi

Matsumi – Most Exquisite Japanese Dining in Hamburg

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Matsumi is not just my all time favourite Japanese restaurant, it is certainly among the best restaurants on any scale for Japanese dining in Germany, Europe and even the world. For decades it serves as the pillar for excellence and provides about the most authentic experience I could imagine. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the restaurant remained closed for …

sake cava temaki (hand roll with grilled salmon skin)

Sushibar Fujiyama – Basic Japanese Bites in Düsseldorf, Germany

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Sushibar Fujiyama is a traditional Japanese restaurant in Düsseldorf that is welcoming guests since 2009. Apart from offering lunch and dinner, the team also offers catering services for private and commercial clients as well as delivery services. The restaurant has limited seating options but on weekdays it is possible to get a spot even without a reservation. As I was …