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Tokyo Lounge – All You Can Eat Takeout in Düsseldorf, Germany

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Tokyo Lounge is a large all you can eat sushi restaurant on Berliner Allee in Düsseldorf. It usually caters to the masses with affordable menu and cocktails and huge window front seating. Even though all you can eat sushi restaurants are not often on my list, I gave it a try during the Corona pandemic as the options of open sushi restaurants were shrinking fast. I went to Tokyo Lounge for take out lunch.

I ordered some nigiri pieces. The unagi (freshwater eel) was cold and there was only little dressing to enjoy. The tako (octopus) and ika (squid) were kinda tasty, but the saba (mackerel) tasted very bland and did not exactly feel super fresh. The sake (salmon) and maguro (tuna back) sashimi was not any good and poorly cut to say the least. The sake (salmon) temaki (hand roll) was also not very convincing. Then I had an avocado uramaki (inside out roll) with wasabi and hotategai (scallop) topping and a ebi tempura (fried shrimp) uramaki (inside out roll). Both were ok, but nothing special. All in all it was not super bad, but also nothing I would repeat.

Sushi Guide Verdict

Overall, the experience was not that encouraging. Even though I was one of 2 parties ordering take out food, it took almost 30 minutes for the few items to be ready. The atmosphere inside was very cold and uninviting, but then again I was there for takeout food. The menu options were extensive, but lacked in variety and only covered a basic variety recombined with dressings etc. The quality and taste of the food was really not convincing. Even though I would hope that during regular restaurant operation the quality would be better, I would not go there based on the experience I had. The drink menu is quite nice and the bar also offers a large selection of cocktails. For takeaway, the options were quite constrained. The service staff was not unfriendly per se, but generally not interested in any interaction beyond the absolutely necessary. All in all, I would suggest to look somewhere else for decent take away sushi in Düsseldorf.

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Review date: June 17, 2021

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