sake toro (salmon belly), maguro (tuna), aji (horse mackerel) nigiri

Sushi E – The Go To Sushi Bar in Downtown Sydney

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Sushi E is an upscale sushi bar & restaurant located at the Merivale, a former fashion house in the CBD in Sydney. The actual sushi bar is made of a huge one piece marble block, making it a truly unique setup I have never seen anywhere else. The restaurant is located adjacent to the chic Hemmesphere cocktail lounge, allowing access to both menus.

Quick Lunch

I went to the restaurant for quick lunch and opted for a nigiri plate with sake toro (salmon belly), maguro (tuna) and aji (horse mackerel). As before in Sydney, the sake toro was of supreme quality, making this a lunch to be remembered, especially since I opted for one or two drinks at the bar afterwards.

sake toro (salmon belly), maguro (tuna), aji (horse mackerel) nigiri

Sushi Guide Verdict

Sushi E is a very chic, quiet and unique restaurant, catering to upscale local and international clients. The menu options are quite ok and the foods quality and taste was outstanding. The drink variety of the restaurant is limited, but since the cocktail bar is directly adjacent, guests have full access to the cocktail menu. The service team was very friendly and forthcoming, not pushing the timeline.

Menu Options
Food Quality
Drink Variety

Review date: February 15, 2016

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