kanpachi (amber jack), sake (salmon), ika (squid), maguro (tuna), hotategai (scallop), hamachi (yellowtail) & ama-ebi (sweet shrimp) sashimi plate

Busshari – An Authentic Japanese Restaurant

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Busshari is located in Potts Point, Sydney, and offers authentic Japanese cuisine in a dark and cozy ambience with an open sushi bar and about 30 regular tables. Ever since 2006 the restaurant offers a wide selection of fresh fish every day to both local and international guests. 

Sashimi Dinner

I started the dinner with a sashimi platter composed with kanpachi (amber jack), sake (salmon), ika (squid), maguro (tuna), hotategai (scallop), hamachi (yellowtail) and ama-ebi (sweet shrimp). The fish of superior quality and taste and was a perfect light dinner. As I couldn’t resists the day’s special menu, I also tried sake toro (salmon belly) nigiri. This definitely was the best salmon belly I had in a very long time and made sure that I visited Busshari frequently.

Sushi Guide Verdict

Busshari is superior Japanese restaurant with a good selection of fresh fish and other authentic dishes. The interior design of the restaurant is very pleasant, although some might consider it too dark for a restaurant. I enjoyed the atmosphere very much and would recommend it for romantic dinners as well as for quick bites. The menu is awesome and offers daily specials with a certain rarity. The taste and quality was great, only the drink menu somewhat scarce. The restaurant’s staff was very friendly and forthcoming, making this sushi restaurant one of the few in Sydney to be recommended.

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Review date: May 6, 2016

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